Blue Tick Approved Social Media

Blue Tick Approved Social Media

Today, with the growth of social media, it has become difficult to reach accounts that provide accurate and reliable information. There are many people in our country who use social media, so buying blue tick has become mandatory. Mavi Tik account application was announced on social media platforms in 2018.

What is Blue Tick? What Does It Do?

The blue tick serves to show that an account is being used by a real person or a real brand. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram request and check the required documents on your behalf. If the review is positive, you will become an approved account and have a Blue Tick. Blue tick increases its reliability and quality.

Who Gives Blue Tick?

Blue tick is given to phenomena and brands. To be liked and shared by well-known people counts as a blue tick reference. If various news sites have mentioned you, this address should be shown during the application.

How to Apply for Instagram Blue Tick?

To apply blue tick to your Instagram account;
● Sign in to your account.
● Go to the ;quot;Settings;quot; tab in the upper right corner of your profile.
● Go to ;quot;Account;quot; in Settings.
● Go to the ;quot;Verification Request;quot; tab.
● You will see the ;quot;Apply for Instagram Verification;quot; option.

On this screen,

Name and surname
User name
ID Image

You must fill in the fields. Applicants for a personal account must use documents such as ID, passport and driver;#39;s license. Those who apply for a corporate account can apply with documents such as tax registration and invoices.

How to Apply for Blue Tick for Twitter?

There are some criteria for having a Twitter blue tick. The Twitter help page stated that they are not receiving any blue tick applications these days. But let;#39;s talk about getting Twitter blue tick for the coming days.

Requirements for Blue Tick on Twitter:
● Your account should not be private.
● Your biography is complete.
● Having a phone and e-mail.
● Owning a website.
● Date of birth entered.

Blue Tick verification for Facebook is not possible.